Thursday, May 21, 2009

Silhouettes on the Sun

Space Shuttle "Atlantis" and The Hubble Telescope silhouetted against The Sun.

The sun look like a model floating or whatever it's doing there in space.

It all looks like a space movie.

More info here.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birds and Dinosaurs

I was on the beach after a surf and it occurred to me a big kerfuffle was taking place on the sand. A cockatoo taunting and swooping on the seagulls. Dangling upside down on the fir tree above my head I noticed the yellow crest on his head and thought YES!

Remember this guy from Jurassic park 2? No?
Well I did. What's on his head? A big penis, just like some birds.

Everybody has heard the dinosaur/bird story but after reading the recent research apparently it's a pretty darn well accepted theory among evolutionary and biology scientists. Almost to the point that it is spoken of in terms of fact.

Compare these FEET!!

Dinosaurs also evolved into sloths.

Did the dinosaurs win the earth evolution game after all? They can FLY and don't need to be pointless insects to do it.
Who in the animal kingdom doesn't want to fly?

The Dinosaurs are way ahead in the race to win Evolution, and be brought before the Evolution King living inside the sun, to there be crowned king after engaging in the every 1 billion millennia battle for Evolutionary Overlord Spokes-Being of our humble Solar System.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Imagine approaching this setting, being a part of it, it'd be incredible.

Our comprehension of scale transforms the more we try to grasp a bigger perspective.

You might imagine how far you could zoom out from earth? Where is the limit, could the universe be viewed entirely within a field of vision?

Or how far could you zoom in on this place here, or anywhere, is there a limit to size from it's largest to it's smallest?

We can only know up to our own sensory limits, but it isn't pointless attempting to comprehend what might be outside our sensory boundaries, I assume that's how we could discover the boundaries.